Hampton Beach

Experiencing Hampton Beach

Hamptop Beach is a town of luxury, fame and beauty. The well-to-do flock here by the masses to enjoy the summer sun and sand. The beach is known for superior-water quality that is amongst the best in the nation. Since 2007 the beach has been honored with a five-star rank in terms of quality and value.

Arts & Entertainment
The Hampton Historical Society has created a museum and center that educates the public about the beach, conservation and the history of the area. Housing exhibits, artifacts and gardens are all available for learning and entertaining. If you like to gamble, then Ocean Gaming is the premiere charitable-gaming establishment. It is one of few casinos that donate money to important charities. The Hampton Beach Seashell is a live-entertainment venue that has performance acts all summer long. Stacey Jane’s is a hot spot for hot entertainment all year long. Everything you could want to be entertained with is at Stacey Jane’s.

You won’t find many big-brand shops at this beach. You will find dozens of small and local shops that sell jewelry, candy, t-shirts, souvenirs and beach clothing. Upscale boutiques offer unique clothing and accessories for fashion lovers.

Water Activities Water parks, water skiing and parasailing are just a few of the fun things that can be found here. This beach doesn’t skimp on fun water activities. You can do something daring and adventurous. You can hang out at Water Country. This is the larges water park in the area, and it is always a big hit for families.

Bars and dance clubs make the nightlife here exciting and fun. North Beach Bar and Grille is one of the most popular options. This famous location draws in locals and tourists. It’s easy to find and serves up fresh seafood and perfect mixed drinks to tempt your taste buds. It’s in the perfect spot with a few of the ocean too.

Things To Do
You can enjoy spa treatments, swim in the ocean and relax. There are regularly socialite parties here. You could be lucky enough to be invited to one if you play your cards right. This beach is full of activities and opportunities to socialize with the locals and visitors. The summer is full of festivals. One popular event is the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpture Competition. Thousands of people flock to view the extraordinary sculptures that are illuminated for two weeks. The 4th of July is also a popular time to visit to see the spectacular fireworks. The Hamptons go so far as to have a firework show every Wednesday through the summer.